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Vice President Vietnam Veterans Chapter 1088 Nassau County, Florida

“In 2009 I could not find an attorney in the Jacksonville, Florida area to take my VA disability case. Mr. Kazmierczak asked me to send him a copy of my VA denial and he would let me know if it would be worth pursuing. He said he felt my case would be worth pursuing and after numerous years they won my VA case. They always kept me informed and let me know what was going on with each step of the way. They have changed my life with my VA award and I would highly recommend them to any veteran who is having trouble with a VA disability case. I felt they were always fighting for me and would highly recommend them.”

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VA Disability Law

“On behalf of my father, a Vietnam Veteran, Mr. Karl Kazmierczak and his entire team were truly a saving grace. After years of my father fighting for benefits he rightly earned, Mr. Kazmierczak stepped in. With his determination, knowledge, and kind spirit Mr. Kazmierczak got my father everything he needed, and deserved. Without his help, my father would not have been able to retire and he would not have gotten the health care he so badly needed. This team 100% cares about their clients. I HIGHLY recommend Kazmierczak Law Firm and my family is forever grateful for them”

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Tenacious Representation

“I fought the VA 30 years and not until I contacted this law office was I able to truly win. Karl has insight that helped me get what I had deserved for many many years. EvEn after I was award permanent and total disability he continued with other options where I was awarded a sizable settlement, totally committed to his clients!”

-Client Review on AVVO

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Social Security Disability Law

“Its hard for me to put my gratitude in the appropriate words that would give justice and merit for the job Mr. Kazmierczak has done in taking care of me during easily the darkest and most lonely period of time I have ever experienced on 41 years on this earth. His unyielding dedication in helping me when i can only assume the vast majority of attorneys would have bailed on me, and rightfully so. I guess it’s safe to say we all have our struggles.. if we’re at this point in our lives where we were going down the road of trying to acquire Social Security disability. I’m not unique although I made it virtually impossible for Mr. Kazmierczak to litigate my case. One of my greatest issues among the many is the residual fact that I’ve had with brain trauma. Doesn’t excuse my behaviors but it makes things like following directions even on a GPS very difficult especially under stress. I committed only what I can imagine is the cardinal sin when trying to successfully navigate through the Social Security Disability gauntlet. Not only did I not miss my first hearing, I missed my second hearing which was done over the phone. And I didn’t find any comfort in the fact that I was homeless most of the time and couldn’t find a charger somewhere to charge my phone. On top of that this whole experience has been quite emotional and my behavior in my interactions with Mr Kazmierczak we’re at times quite fanatical and at my worst moments I either be in tears or yelling in frustration and anger. The smallest thing can’t rip me off just a mere task of having to fax form to the office with you drive me into the boat of anxiety nothing was easy. Never once did Mr. Kazmierczak show me frustration to me the fact the only thing he’s ever shown is unwavering support and due diligence..His genuine support along with his staff which they must be my guardian angels because you know when someone doesn’t give a damn and just those dark moments where I called his office, me a 41 year old grown man crying.. somehow he piloted me through this whole thing and I just was approved last last week. I don’t know how he pulled it off, I truly don’t because even if my right mind decide to check back in it was a tough case given a lot of extenuating variables and realities of my case. I genuinely wish there was something more I could give for the level of work and care Mr. Kazmierczak and his staff have provided me. To say he and his staff went above and beyond is almost laughable. By that I mean it’s the most laughable understatement of the year ..I rarely write reviews as even this kind of stresses me out but I be in even more selfish sob if I didn’t express my deepest gratitude. Winning my case isn’t going to be the Magic Bullet but it’s giving me a second chance. I would want Mr. Kazmierczak representing me in ANY legal matter. If you happened to be reading this all I can say is I truly believe there’s no other better attorney in the New Jersey area than Karl. Thank you sir. God bless you and thank you for being friend to me during a time in my life when I had and have nobody.”

-Client Review on Google